Something On My Face- T-shirt Design

A satirical representation of wearing the scarf in Islam.

Is there something on my face?
Political T-shirt Design
Printmaking has always been a passion of mine so when I took a screen printing course and was assigned to create a political t-shirt statement, I had to do something based on my religion. Therefore, I created a satirical representation of how people sometimes react when they see a Muslim woman wearing a scarf. I wanted to play with the statement of "Is there something on my face?" to represent how people, especially in the US, can react to the wearing of the scarf. It represents how sometimes Muslim practices are not understood and pokes fun at how it is easier to stare and wonder then actually ask a question about the practice and enlighten oneself. I screen printed and sold a large majority of these shirts and it was very popular among the Muslim girls in my community. :)
Digital image of T-shirt design.
T-shirt design on white shirt.
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